My Supplements

Currently taking:

OPTI-MEN Multivitamins. 3 a day, every day. keeps everything functioning right, specially formulated for people who work out, and push their bodies.

ON Whey protein with 5g BCAA’s, 4g Glutamine. Twice a day, one or two scoops, sometimes with milk for an extra 10g protein.

ON BCAA + Creatine 5g each, orange flavor. 30 – 45 minutes before a workout. BCAA’s make the muscles not tear down so much and creatine makes them grow.

Cytomax Sports Drink. 22g carbs, 60mg potassium, 6mg calcium, 14mg magnesium. Energy and endurance with electrolytes. I drink it during the workout itself. Prevents my friggin calves from cramping when running after a weight session.

Universal TORRENT. My newest and favorite supplement. All in one, post-workout recovery drink. 20g protein; 52g carbs including D-glucose, waxy maize, and maltodextrin; 3g creatine; 7g amino acids blend (taurine, glutamine Alpha Ketoglutarate AKG), L-Leucine, + more.

Fish Oil. 2 a day for essential fatty acids.

Blueberry Nut mix. More omegas and stuff for the heart.

Diet, Caffeine-Free Coke. Love the Coke, got to keep caffeine low. Already drink coffee or espresso in the morning, and sometimes another hit before the noon workout.

You can get more info and buy these HERE.

Questions, comments, suggestions, recommendations, and WTF’s are all welcome. Post in comments.


Feeling down?

sweaty runner

sweaty runnerFeeling down? Not liking life too much these days? Try this: Stop thinking about yourself so much and liven the heck up! Easier said than done? Well you can’t do anything without giving it a wholehearted effort. Nothing! It aint gonna fall onto your lap.

So here’s a Recipe For Livening The Heck Up:
Sweat your buttocks off. Literally. Go outside and run Forest. If you come back and you’re a little cold, dry, and still feeling crappy, you didn’t run right. You ran wrong.

Try running harder. You can do this by running uphill. And I mean RUNNING. I didn’t say, “Barely moving your legs a bit”. Running, in this post, means SPRINTING. Full stretch of the legs to the front, and full movement to the back, while pumping your arms. Sprint ’til you can’t anymore, around 30 seconds, then jog or walk briskly for a minute or two before doing it again.

Can’t run, or don’t like to? Then lift weights. Intensely. Don’t like that either and love to take options away from yourself? Then do body-weight exercises. (squat jumps, pushups, high jumps, burpies, etc)


Take a look at this quote from WebMD:

When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain.

 Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. For example, the feeling that follows a run or workout is often described as “euphoric.” That feeling, known as a “runner’s high,” can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook on life.

Read more here.

HELL YEAH, I feel euphoric after a workout! I feel like taking on THE WORLD! Not only because of the endorphins that are released, but the sense of accomplishment as well. It’s even stronger when you beat your previous record or hit a goal.

Try it once, and see how you feel. Soon you’ll be addicted and inclined to keep repeating, just like the street drugs you’re taking, you druggy. (kidding, don’t hit me) But this is a GOOD addiction. It will benefit the heck out of you.

As always, cheers and GOOD LUCK!

your pusher

My run, and an old lady with a stop sign.

During my run today, a sweet old lady crossing guard noticed that I was rubbing my upper leg muscles right above the knee because I started to cramp up.

I was cramping up because I had just finished a big Back and Chest workout, so apparently my blood was needed elsewhere. Plus, in the morning I had done my 12 minute HIIT that includes 2 sets of squat jumps and 2 sets of high jumps. That was at 7 a.m. around 15 minutes after waking up.

The night before, I had finished my leg workout around 9 p.m. which included 4 sets of squats and 2 sets of Lunge/Step ups. So, you see? My quads had plenty of reasons to cramp up!

Anyway, when I first passed her, I had thanked her with a smile and a one-hand-up salute in a high-five style but not actually asking for a slapping of the palms. She seemed to appreciate my appreciation.

On the way back, as I was crossing the street I jokingly exclaimed, “I’m done!” That’s when I was rubbing my legs and apparently making a face that said the opposite of, “I fucking love how I feel!”

My appearance must have prompted her to lean toward me and say in a compassionate tone, “I was a toe dancer. I know how you feel.”

I smiled and stopped right there. Right in the middle of the street since I felt the safety and security of my white-haired, florescent-vest-wearing guardian holding a stop sign above her head.

She went on to ask, “Do you have anything to put on it?”

“There’s a foam roller at the gym,” I assured.

Squinting as if trying to figure out the exact type of idiot I was, she stared at me for three seconds before clarifying, “No, I mean something you can rub on, like Ben Gay.”

“Oh!” I said through a grin, “Yeah, I have something at home,” and I started to walk away slowly as she kept talking about her toe dancing days when she was a total hottie I presume since I couldn’t clearly hear her anymore. I smiled, waved, and she waved back, still holding that stop sign above her head alerting drivers not to fucking kill me.

After some more rubbing and a bit of kneeding, I continued my 3.1 mile run back to the gym. I did not use any Ben Gay, thank you very much.


DEVASTATING Back work out.

It was time for a straight Back Day. No messing around, no mixing shit up, no half-assed “I’m tired” stuff. Super sets are my thing, and today was no exception. Protein shake with BCAA’s an hour before. Green tea pill half hour before. iPod with kick-ass music blasting. This makes a HUGE difference, at least for me. Music has a big impact on me. So, instead of working out to Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Hurt’ on the gym’s loudspeakers and inevitably yawning mid way through, I resorted to heavy bass dubstep and other electro goodness. To each their own.

Here’s what I did:

Bent Over Rows
Pullups Madness.
Regular pullups, then immediately jump on the Assisted Pullups machine, add 40# and do more. Then, chinups using a semi-supinated grip (palms facing each other). Then add another 20 for 60# total, and do another set of pullups/chinups. Keep doing that ’til you get to 4 assisted sets. I did this twice.
Straight Arm Press Downs on cable machine, separate hands. For Lats.
Unilateral Bent Over Rows Dumbbells. 3 sets with hand on bench, 2 with elbow on bench. 2 more stepping way to the side to allow the row to be more centered on the body.
Seated High Rows Wide grip, Narrow semi-
supinated grip. 2 & 2.
Body Rows with Barbell 3 sets.
Straight Arm Press Downs with high cable, and straight bar.
Reverse Flies seated, with cables. 3 high intensity sets.

Whew! Mostly back to back with no rest. I alternated bicep intensive exercises like Pullups and Rows with the Straight Arm exercises while the biceps rested. Only rested :30 as necessary. Whole thing took around 45 minutes. Major sweat buckets! I now feel devastated. Thanks a lot.

__ ** __

Mon Nov 1: Fat Cutting Starts. Step Mill!, Circuit.

I’m in my fat cutting mode now. You youngsters don’t know how good you have it. I’m 39 and although I am pleased with my progress, I still need to get rid of body fat. That’s one area that folks over 30 will have a harder time with. At this point, P-90 X would work well as would any other circuit-training type workout. I’d rather do my own. Today, being the day after a weekend, I had a light workout. Not feeling very energetic today.

Warmed up with 5 minutes of the Stepmill on level 5, Fatburner setting. Love this machine. If you haven’t tried one, or seen it and think it’s only for the women, you’re missing out on the BEST CARDIO, FAT BURNING machine in the gym. What constitutes THE BEST?

This machine is the best because it burns more calories per hour than any other and kicks your ass harder.  This is because not only are you getting a cardio workout, but your leg muscles are getting worked out too. So when you get off of this glorious machine, you’ll most likely be walking rather wobbly. The proof is in the pudding. Sweat pudding. Yum.

Really, everyone that does this is usually pouring in sweat within 5 minutes. But only if you push yourself hard, don’t just drop repeatedly. Concentrate on your calves pushing you up mostly by themselves, then go slow and make sure each leg is lifting you all by itself, and then skip a step to really work the butt and hamstrings. Concentrate on the butt muscles, the quads, and the calf muscles, all working hard to lift you. The presets Fatburner or Fatburner Plus are the best, imo.

Then I did my workout:

Bench Press: 5 sets with Pullups in between, wide and narrow. For the later sets of pullups, I maxed out at around 4, and then supplemented with assisted pullups for another 4-6. Still maxed out twice per set on those.

Then I did 2 sets of Step-Ups on the cable Step-up machine. Not a lot of weight, but I was sweating like mad! So, I did Chest with supers of Back, and then went all the way down south to my legs with the Step-ups. Working different parts of your body, especially upper + lower makes your heart have to work hard to send blood all over your body where it’s being used, and THIS, my sweaty friends is the key to fat burning! (one of the keys)

That’s it for weights, and since I happen to live in the land of the most unbelievably beautiful weather, southern California, I went outside and ran for around 20 minutes. It’s November, and today was 84°. Tomorrow will be 92 and Wednesday will be 94.


Sorry. Won’t happen again.

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Post One.


absOk, so I’ve been good lately. Worked out 6 days last week!!! Woohoo! This includes my Park Workout. I’ll post this exact workout later. Really love this workout as a major change to the routine. It’s a fast paced circuit workout and includes push and pull exercises as well a little legs and abs. I always leave the park feeling like my arms are going to burst out of my shirt! : ) YEAH BOY! : )

The one day I didn’t work out didn’t mean I sat on my ass eating chips. I ran, mofos! I ran a total of three times last week. WHY am I running so much when I clearly told you not to run more that once a week? Well, like I said in Workouts p.2, you’ll worry about burning fat after you’ve reached your goal. Which I have. This assumes you’re skinny. If you’re already at around 18% body fat or worse, then you’ll need to run more, fatty.

Last week, I did Legs twice (as prescribed), and all of the rest; Back, Shoulder, Chest once, (as prescribed). Not much abs. That’s cool. That aint my concern for now.

Record for Friday, October 8:
Weight: 176.2 (Yeah! First time in my life. In fact, I’ve never been more than 170 before doing this workout program)
Fat:14% (I know, I’m a fatty. that’s why I’m running more, bitches!)

How do I know these dates and stats? I keep the records in my Google Calendar. This way, I can update or read it from my phone, or work computer, home computer, etc. My paper journal goes inside the gym with me, and keeps the details; the reps, weight, etc. Google Calendar tells me how good or bad I’ve been, and if I did slack and miss a workout, I know which one I should do next.

Remember, you don’t have to keep the calendar schedule and you actually shouldn’t with these workouts. If you missed Chest day and are two days behind, don’t skip it and go with Legs because next time you do Chest, you will have done Chest around two weeks apart and that won’t work. Pick up where you left off (where you messed up) and try not to mess up again.