One way to force yourself to succeed

Hello fitness friends, here’s a unique and effective way to force yourself to succeed with your fitness goals.

You’ve probably tried telling yourself that you need to lose a certain amount of weight by a certain date, or you will go to the gym every day, or you will stop eating sugars. How is that going? Hopefully well, but the reality is that for most of us, life gets in the way, we’re interrupted by a sudden event or some days we simply feel too tired to workout.

The problem is that, while we have good intentions, talking to ourselves does not work very well. Simply saying to yourself that you are going to do something is a good start, but in order to really succeed and feel the fire under your butt, you must have an external obligation. What I mean by that is that you need to make your goal public in some way that you will not want to fail. This doesn’t mean that you are going to repeatedly impose your personal goals to your friends and annoy them along the way. I have a more original method.

Hit yourself where it hurts

groinHitI am not suggesting you get a close friend to kick you in the family jewels or take an elbow to the boob. I’m talking about your wallet.

Make a bet with friends that you are gong to be at a certain weight or a certain waist size, or your arms will grow to a certain size by a certain date. Then GIVE THEM THE  MONEY. Yep, give them the money first and if you don’t reach your goal, they keep it. This way you know you’re serious and it’s up to you to get it back. Now it has to be a good amount that will actually hurt. Try $100 or more if that might not do it. If you fail they keep it. If you win they give you a mere 10% extra meaning that you will get your $100 back + $10. They get the chance to win $100 but only lose $10. You deserve to make something for your hard work, right?

Now it has to be a realistic goal. Smaller goals are better because you will be encouraged to do it again and keep reaching these goals until they combine to form a big goal. For example, my 10in30 Lose plan shows you how to lose 10 pounds in a month. This is a big goal. Possible, but big. You can do the plan but bet on losing 5 pounds to allow for life’s little interruptions. You never know, you might end up surpassing this making the extra $10 and be super-stoked to do it again next month!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever done something like this and what you think. Gonna try it? Wahtsamatter—scurred? 😛

– bum


Get motivated, do a lot, work that body!


Great week (again)! Monday, the 29th, I had dropped to just under 170 (169), so I decided to eat more calories and do some of the 10 in 30 workouts again. In case you hadn’t read the previous posts, I had already reached my 10 pounds goal, so I am in my fat cutting mode for a while.

Therefore, I did the straight Back workout from the 10 in 30 manual. Fricken great! Felt amazing afterward. You know you get really great workouts with these, and you can feel them. I had been doing a circuit mix for the purpose of fat cutting so I never felt like my muscle were being pushed to the max and were gaining size. Perhaps maintaining, but not necessarily growing. With this Back workout, I clearly felt my back muscles completely worked out. I also saw my biceps trying to burst out of my arms the following days! Kick, ass.

Tuesday, I did Legs again from the 10 in 30 plan. Equally fantastic. Felt awesome going up the stairs at work.

Wednesday, was my mother’s birthday, and I was kind of underslept, so I rested with no workout.


She's going real high, real deep!

Thursday, I did 100 deep pushups at the gym using two high steps with my feet on a bench. In between sets I did the full NEW Ab workout. I really love PLANK MADNESS. I know it might look funny thrusting your hips up and down, especially during the straight planks but just try them! Do this after all of the other crunches as you should be doing them in order, and tell me how that feels!

Friday is the greatest day of the week; Shoulder Day! Again, straight from the improved 10 in 30 plan. As I write this, it’s actually Saturday and yesterday was Shoulder Day. Today, I can feel my triceps bulging out and my Bi’s are looking fricken great even when I’m not flexing! Not to mention, my forearm muscles are getting quite cut as well. This is mostly do to a new device I created for training the forearms. I did them a few times during the week while driving home. I feel like I’m strumming a guitar with my outer forearms muscles!

Saturday, (today) I did a light Circuit of Smith squats, standing calves, and leg raises on the pullup bar using the ab sleeves. 3 sets. I followed this by a run with 3 hardcore, leave it all behind, take no prisoners, “fuck! my heart’s about to burst” sprints. Sprints were in addition to around 10 minutes of regular running including downhill running on the balls of my feet (not the feet of my balls). I only sprint on an uphill to maximize the intensity, so I have to return by going downhill, right? See how that works? So, since there is little “resistance” going downhill, I resort to kicking my feet straight up like goose-step-running with only the balls of my feet hitting the ground. This strengthens my calves big-time despite looking ridiculous. I also lean back (toward the top of the slight hill) and rotate my upper body left and right in an exaggerated pump motion. This works out my core and yours too. In between sprints, I either jogged lightly or had to walk briskly but began running as soon as I could.

When you sprint while doing HIIT, be sure to USE YOUR ENTIRE BODY. “But how?” asks Biff, the perpetual questionéer.

  • Pump your arms forcefully up in front of you and lift your elbow high all the way back behind you
  • Tighten the hell out of your abs which you’ll have to do anyway if you’re running uphill as you should
  • Lift your knees up high in front of you to engage your lower abs
  • Land with your heel and rock to the ball of your foot which will launch you with great force (calves, baby)
  • Lift your leg high behind you (hamstrings and buttocks muscles)

Got it, Biff? You’re doing well. (pats Biff on the head)

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