Gain muscle in the arms: Blasting of the Arms!

Today was an intense hell of an arms workout. All arms. No shoulder. I did the 10 in 30 Shoulders/Arms on Friday, so 3 days later, I was ready for another arms blasting mofo workout! I’m really trying to gain mass in my arms and making them wider by doing the 3 types of barbell curls.

So, today was:

The Great Bicep, Tricep Massacre. A bunch of super sets of double biceps and double triceps with 30 seconds rest in between.

Barbell curls wide,
^super: rope curls
Tricep vbar pushdowns HVY
^super: overhead bb ext

Barbell curls normal, drop set
^super: rope curls
Tricep vbar pushdowns
top cable rope ext

Barbell curls narrow super drop set 4X! wide, normal
Ovrhd EZ bar extensions
top cable rope ext

seated DB hammer twist curls
DB reverse narrow to wide curls
Overhead single DB ext
bilat cable tricep pushdowns

standing DB hammer twist curls drop sets
DB reverse in2out curls DPST
Overhead single DB ext
bilat cable tricep pushdowns

go ahead and ask if you have any questions about what the heck any of that means. I was sweating a ton while only working the arms! I see most people work out so lethargically and are not sweating at all. My freaking workout was so intense it pretty much took care of cardio too! And my biceps looked like they’d burst out of their skin. Triceps were pretty swollen as well.

Tried to run afterward since it was such a beautiful day but I started getting a pain on my head/neck so I stopped early. No run today.