The Great Fitness Product Giveaway!

Or at least; The Pretty Good Fitness Product Giveaway!

To encourage folks to join and participate in the brand new 10 in 30 Forum, I have decided to give stuff away. While I’m not giving away a car, a date with an adult actress, or a trip over the Middle East in a hot air balloon, I am giving away something of value.

The first 30 people to join the forum and honestly and legitimately enter their stats along with a “before” pic are entered in a drawing to win one of two choices of workout gear. Remember, you can crop out your face if you’d like to remain anonymous.

To join us and enter,
Join and Enter!

That’s a 1 in 30 chance! Pretty good odds, eh? The winner can choose one of two prizes:

Biceps Bomber:

biceps bomber


Pullup Bar:

pullups bar

Both prizes are awesome for developing your body. Girls and guys can both benefit form the Biceps Bomber because it ensures proper form and isolates the biceps just like a personal trainer would if he were there with you. Keeps your elbows from swinging so that you only use your biceps for curls OR triceps during triceps pushdowns. You want those lean and mean upper arms right?!

The Pullups Bar is fantastic for doing pullups in your home with the variety of grips it provides. You can also do one of the most effective and my favorite ab exercises from my plan; Hanging Leg Lifts 4X.

hanging leg raises

^ Great for both guys and girls!

The drawing will end on Thursday, June 30, 12 noon Pacific time and will only be held if there are at least 30 participants. I will gather names and randomly pic one in whatever method I feel like at that moment. I’ll announce the winner here and on my Twitter account. I’ll contact the winner at that time and get shipping info. Must be a U.S. resident.

To join us and enter,
Join and Enter!

No need to buy anything, just honestly participate in something that will do you plenty of good by motivating you in the form of a group environment and you’re in! Now, I stress the idea of “honesty”. Meaning that you really are interested in doing this workout and nutrition plan and will honestly give it a go while participating in the forum by posting your progress, more pics, etc. By joining, you agree that I reserve the right to restrict anyone from entering this giveaway whom I determine is not actively participating in the workouts.

And if you’re not really keen to the names of this post, here’s another: “The Better Than Nothing Fitness Product Giveaway”. Or you can name it anything you want in the comments. : )

Thanks and good luck with the drawing and your fitness goals!


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