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No secrets, tricks, gimmicks, restrictive diets with silly names, or info that “trainers hate”.
Just real techniques that thousands of people from Hollywood actors to Instagram fitness stars
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Find out how much to eat every day for your exact body type. You will eat many delicious foods including steak, chicken, pasta, rice, vegetables, even a donut or slice of pie and still lose weight!

We show you how to eat for weight loss and how to exercise for an optimal, healthy, energetic body that looks good and feels good. Stick to the simple, easy-to-follow plan and you can see results the very first week!

And you won’t live at the gym, either. You only need three weight lifting workouts per week. That’s it! Since it is a get in shape quick plan, it does include cardio in the off days but they’re only 20 minutes long so that’s not bad either, right?!

Now get ready for the new YOU, and get the simplest, most effective, no-nonsense, top-selling book for losing weight quickly on Amazon! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

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Results vary. These results are optimal results that many people achieve when sticking to the plan. Many factors can determine your individual results. See a doctor before starting any fitness plan.

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