VIDEO: Note On My 12 Minute HIIT Workout!

You’ve seen my 12 minute HIIT daily workout, a super FAT BURNING workout that’ll make you sweat, raise your metabolism, and make you feel good all over! Well, I noticed that some people were going too light with the dumbbells for the first exercise, Pushup Rows. Yes it was a girl, but still. NOT HEAVY ENOUGH! I am disappoint! No, not really, but yes; you’ll need a heavier dumbbell, babe.

This is after I finished my own 12 Minute HIIT, a little variation if you don’t have heavy-enough dumbbells:

Description from Youtube:

Video note on my 12 Minute HIIT workout, a quick 12 minute workout that will burn fat and make you feel like a million bucks. This is a variation in case you don’t have dumbbells or dumbbells that are too light.

You can find the whole, fat-burning, ass-kicking, sweat-producing, butt-tightening workout as part of my LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS program here:

The concept of doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) first thing in the morning is that it speeds up your metabolic rate, which means that you will keep burning fat throughout the day when you’re not exercising. This is the key to losing fat quickly and surely!

You’ll be doing intervals of 30 seconds, alternating between High Intensity and Low Intensity exercises. For the Low Intensity intervals, you’ll simply run in place in a calm, let-me-catch-my-breath-so-I-don’t-die pace. Start with a Low Intensity interval.

The exercise I’m talking about here, PUSHUP ROWS, is the first high intensity exercise of six. There are six high intensity exercises preceded by low intensity exercises. You do all six, then rest a minute, and do them all over again. 30 seconds each. Use a timer.

When I say to “get the hell up fast” I’m referring to the transition between the floor exercises and the in-between run-in-place, low intensity exercises. Getting your body up off of the floor in an explosive manner is another great part of this workout. It takes a great deal of energy to get up that fast.

Pretend you’re in a fight with a meth head, you just slipped after throwing a kick and missing, and ended up on the floor. He’s about to stomp on your face. GET THE HELL UP FAST! Get it? : )

Lose 10 POUNDS of ugly, squishy, figure-disforming FAT in a MONTH with my all-free program:

That’s right, 10 pounds in 30 days.

For the skinny weaklings tired of looking all boney and scaring the kids, try my also FREE, Gain 10 POUNDS of rock-hard, solid, hulk-like MUSCLE in a MONTH with my gain program:

^ It’s how I gained 10 pounds in a month a few times in the last six years. It’s how I work out and how I diet when my goal is to go up in weight but not get all fat and blubbery.

Pack on the muscle!

Amaze your friends! Make them wonder what the hell happened and how you got all buff since the last time they saw you! I love people’s reactions when they see me after only a few weeks. It works for me, it’ll work for you too. Easy to follow, simple, logical, and only what you need to know; no BS, no overwhelming info, nothing to buy.

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