Want to burn fat while keeping the muscle you worked so hard to build?

burn fat keep muscle with kettlebells and other plyoWant to burn fat while keeping the muscle you worked so hard to build? Here’s what you do: Throw in some plyometric, full body stuff in between your regular weight session. It’ll send blood all over your body, get your heart rate flying, and you’ll get cardio at the same time as your muscle work.

Your weight session should not be slow, calm, with huge rest periods. What, are you trying to gain mass? If you’re trying to lose body fat and obviously not lose muscle, then your weight session should be non-stop, higher reps (therefore lower weights), with back-to-back supersets of antagonistic muscles.

Did you just mouth, “What the f is he talking about?” That’s ok, I’ll explain. Working antagonistic (opposite) muscles already delivers a huge pump that’ll immediately be visible. You can combine body parts such as chest and back or quads and hamstrings.

Add some short but intense cardio in between sets and you just transformed yourself into a SUPER FAT BURNING MACHINE.

So today was ARMS day. Biceps and Triceps. 3 super drop sets. Those are better than mere super sets. I did barbell curls followed by a lighter barbell (drop set). Then immediately picked it up above my head and did tricep extensions (super set). Then I put the barbell down and went with cable triceps pushdowns.

I really dig these. But hold at the bottom and really “crunch” it for one second. And concentrate on having good form.

I varied the grips on the bicep curls from normal, to wide, to narrow. Didn’t do overhand grip. Not against them, I was just pressed for time. Usually, I do 4 super drop sets of 2 bi’s and 2 tri’s with the last set having 3 bi’s and 3 tri’s as you can see in the Arms day of my Gain 10 lbs workout.

Now, this is where the fun begins.

I did these intense cardio exercises after the supersets, sometimes between supersets, and sometimes I did two of them before continuing with the sets of weightlifting.

Burpies 2x
Mountain Climbers
Kettlebell Squat, Curl n Press (one arm, separated the squat, and didn’t hold the squat like in the link, but both ways are good) 2x
Kettlebell One-Arm Cross-Leg Clean – keeping your arm straight squat down so the kettlebell touches the opposite foot twisting your torso slightly, then swing it all the way up above your head and out to the side as you straighten your legs. 12 reps per arm 1x
Mountain Climber 2-legged Kickbacks or “Ass Kicks” (because they resemble a kicking donkey?) instead of alternating legs, kick both out, then bring both in. 1x

You can also throw in some squat jumps and high jumps. I do those often when I’m really looking for an ass kicking. : P


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