You can do it! Even if you have to modify a bit

The 10in30 official book shows you how to lose 10 pounds in 30 days which is pretty aggressive if you ask anyone that knows what they’re talking about and is not the author of a crash diet book promising the same thing in a week. There are a bunch of crash diets that promise that- 10, 20, even 30 pounds in a week. But the only way to do something even close to that is to starve yourself which is not what diets are supposed to do.

Yes, with our plan you eat less than you are used to but that’s not considered starving. Those types of diet plans are literally starving; your body is not getting enough nutrients and calories to sustain itself or have enough energy to do simple every day stuff, so the body takes energy from your muscles themselves. This is called catabolism which means that you are eating your own muscles and basically dying!

With our diet plan, you are getting enough calories, especially protein calories to sustain your body and keep precious muscle. You are simply eating a little less and working out with weights so that your body knows (actually your brain) that it should get rid of excess body fat by using it for energy and keep the muscle you have.

In order to lose 10 pounds in 30 days (2.5 pounds a week), you have to burn a lot of calories weekly. It is difficult to precisely predict how many calories you will need for your individual body since it varies according to age, gender, lifestyle and history of exercise or lack thereof, as well as how much body fat you need to lose to get in healthy range.

So, our book goes for the GOLD! We promote the highest level of fitness as a goal and so that even someone who only has 5 pounds to lose will benefit. (the less you need to lose, the harder it is to lose). You are supposed to modify the workouts to YOUR own fitness level but aim for the gold as well. For example, the 10in30 “12 Minute HIIT” promotes a high energy circuit of high intensity and low intensity intervals.

The high intensity intervals include things like squat jumps and we push you to try to get 20 jumps in 30 seconds whilst jumping super high, with full power, like a freaking super hero taking off, so that you are getting a hell of a workout in only 12 minutes.

You might only get 10 jumps. Or 8. So what! If that’s all you can do right now, then that’s ok! Just make sure you are aiming for the gold yourself, and those 8 or 10 jumps are you pushing yourself to your limit. Next week, you will be able to get 11 or 12 jumps! And pretty soon, you’ll be in the over 20 jumps club. Yes you will.

So be sure to eat enough calories and hit the numbers we specify in the book for YOUR individual body, get enough sleep (8 hours is ideal), and adjust the exercises so that you can do them while still being a big challenge for you.

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