Kill Cancer with the Ketogenic Diet?

(from cbn News – link at bottom)

After being diagnosed with metastatic cancer and given only three months to live, Dr. Fred Hatfield turned to the Keto diet and succeeded in removing cancer from his body.

“The cancer was gone!” he exclaimed. “Completely. To this day there’s no trace of it. And it’s been over a year.”

Apparently, cancer cells need carbohydrates to live as all cells do. But when you are on a keto diet (no carbs or very few carbs), normal cells turn to the next source of energy—fat, or “ketones” when you are on the keto diet. Cancer cells, however, cannot turn to another source for energy. They are defective in this way, and therefore cannot survive without carbohydrates.

Dr. Hatfield went on the keto diet, and effectively killed off the very cells that were trying to kill him. He won.

This is not an isolated case, either. A team of scientists at the University of South Florida lead by Dr. Dominic D’Agostino is conducting research in metabolic therapy and the idea of starving cancer cells by depriving them of carbohydrates. They have seen this kind of success many times with lab mice as well as human beings.

Here at 10in30 Fitness we are excited about these findings as we are all about research and trying the latest methods of health and fitness. If we were not already excited about the keto diet and it’s virtually miraculous effects on body composition, we are truly in awe now.

Not only will you lower your body fat drastically, but it looks like you will also prevent cancer cells from growing and even kill those that might be already present.

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