Can’t sleep? Stressed? Try L-theanine for mental clarity and reduce anxiety

l-theanine_for_sleep_and_stressForget narcotics that might have you sleep-driving (ahem Ambien). If you can’t sleep, there are plenty of natural ways to battle insomnia and win.

A study in 2004 conducted in Japan concluded that taking L-theanine, an amino acid found in tea leaves, particularly green tea is an effective natural supplement for helping to slow the mind, ease anxiety, and sleep deeper. Subjects reported that they even had less nightmares when taking L-theanine.

Most of the studies seem to show that the major benefit of L-theanine is enhancing relaxation, with improving sleep quality and reducing anxiety being tied for second.

Try a 200mg dose half an hour to an hour before bedtime or the same amount throughout the day to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation without causing drowsiness. The anti-drowsiness results are most effective when taken with caffeine. L-theanine reduces the jittery effects of taking high amounts of caffeine but you get to keep the mental focus benefits. People reported being more astute, being able to “think faster” and having a better memory when taking caffeine and L-theanine.


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