A recent exchange between me and a commentor on my blog.

A recent exchange between me and a commentor on my blog.

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Admin: Wow, I’m totally flattered. You’re too nice. “Astounding insightful information”, wow. Yeah, I try. Lots of research and experimentation goes into my info, so I’m so glad you appreciate my workout tips. Keep working out and eating right and you’ll soon see results!

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User5906: No, seriously, how often should I do cardio if trying to gain mass?

Admin: Oh. Ok, then, yeah. If you’re trying to put on 10 pounds, then minimize the cardio to twice a week, with one of those being pretty light. You’ll burn fat while lifting, and worry about the excess fat after you gain muscle.

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New exercises, new vids!

I’ve updated the GAIN 10 POUNDS in 30 DAYS workouts. First of all, the layout has changed to make it more pleasant to read and videos were added in the layout.

And remember, you’ll only gain pounds if you’re eating like it says in the Gain plan. If you don’t want to gain weight but do want a superb weights workout, you can keep your calories low while doing these exercises for maximum muscle gain.

Leg Day 2 (Typically Thursday) has gotten a face lift! It still shares the squats with Leg Day 1, but we’re doing lighter weight, more reps. Plus, squats are combined with Hamstring Curls for a kick-ass superset. We’ll also be doing the amazing Deadlifts to work out the hammies a bit more since they weren’t really worked on very much on day 1. Straight leg ’til failure, then chase them with some regular bending-leg deadlifts.

I’ve also moved the forearms workout from Friday’s Shoulder and Arms day to Leg Day 2. After further examination, I found that the grip and forearms have suffered enough on Shoulders/Arms day so adding forearms may not be the best. Solution: Leg Day 2, when the grip and forearms are pretty fresh.

Shoulders/Arms day stayed the same except for the aforementioned forearms switch, but Abs got its face rearranged too!

Crunches are now weighted by default whereas before, adding weight was extra. The awesome Machine Crunches were added to target the upper abs again and a vid was placed in the layout. Then, after Windshield Wipers and Vertical Toe Touches, a video was added to show the side planks with hip lifts. After Plank Madness, another favorite of mine was added; Reverse Crunches on Incline Bench. I love these as they really target the lower abs.

And I know that doing crunches will not burn belly fat but try these and you’ll see your lower abs actually looking firmer if not flatter!


_______________ : ) __________________________________________

Blast your legs. Blast your buttocks.

barbell squat

barbell squatWomen: if you’re getting bored of your current workout and and not seeing results TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE.

This will get your leg and butt muscles so sore you’ll be walking funny for days! That’s a good thing. Means you did something right and didn’t waste your time. Also means that when your muscles are repaired, they’ll turn into nice, “seck-sy” curves! Do this workout once a week if you mostly do plyometrics type of exercises which are also really good. Also, you should not do any legs exercise the next day, and probably not even the 2nd day after doing this workout except for running. Your newly beat-up muscles need time to recover. You can jump ’til your heart’s content in 3 days.

1. Barbell Squat. Video (as shown in the picture at top) Squats aren’t only for men. Squats do wonders for women too. They’ll give women a nice, sexy, firm butt and upper legs besides strengthening the upper body and core. You need to tighten your abs to avoid topping over backwards and your back muscles to avoid leaning forward. To keep from falling to the sides, your obliques are engaged as well. And men, you probably know that building the leg muscles raises your testosterone levels and greatly helps increase your muscle mass in the rest of your body. So you see? Squats totally rule!

Be sure to go all the way down—we’re not doing some sorry-ass half squats! This will help build your entire upper leg muscles, including the hamstrings in the back and they’re great for building you a nice butt!

If you don’t have access to a squat rack, choose a weight that you can easily shoulder press over your head when done. We’re not going for super heavy squats, especially if you don’t have a rack to safely put the barbell back down. Again, this whole plan concentrates on high reps and speed.

Proper form: Tighten your upper back and rear delts (shoulders) and flex them inward toward your spine. Place the barbell on your back so that the the barbell rests on your upper back muscles, NOT your neck bone. It should be a bit low on your back and your hands are only there to support your back. It should feel very light on your hands since nearly all of the weight will be on your back.

If you have to pause before getting to 12 reps, it’s ok. Stop and hold the weight on your upper back for around 10 seconds. Then continue ’til you do all 12. If you absolutely cannot get to 12 reps for 3 sets, you’re lifting way too heavy. Lighten up She-Ra, Princess of Power!

Reps: 12
Sets: 3
Rest: 1.5 minute
go up in a fast, explosive 1 to 1.5 seconds, and without pausing at the top come back down in 3 seconds

2. Leg Curl/Extension Superset. Extension Video. Curl Video.
Don’t just throw the weight up. It’s ok to do that (use momentum) toward the later reps, but try to pause & hold at the top for a second.
Reps: 18 of each, back to back. Rest when both are done, then do the remaining sets. Should be heavy enough that it burns when getting to 18. If not, adjust accordingly.
Sets: 3
Rest: 30 seconds (one muscle is already resting while the other is working)


3. Romanian Deadlifts.
Video. (keep legs slightly closer than the chick in the pic above) Grab a pretty heavy barbell and stand in front of it with your legs slightly bent. Stick your butt way out, arch your back, bend down and pick it up without bending your arms at all. Straighten your torso to a sanding position with the bar hanging just below your waist. Back down slowly.
Reps: 12
Sets: 3
Rest: 1 minute

4. Barbell Walking Lunges. Video. Use a barbell that’s light enough that you can press over your head easily when done.
Reps: 12 steps. Count each step (6 steps left, 6 steps right)
Sets: 3
Rest: 1 minute
If space is limited, try to get three groups of 4 steps before u-turning.

Proper workout nutrition is important!
Be sure to drink a protein drink IMMEDIATELY after finishing. You should also have some simple carbs at this time, so some white bread product, fruit juice, or simple sugar will help. Since this workout is pretty intense, drink a Gatorade with sugar while working out. (the simple carbs will help your workout) The Gatorade with splenda won’t give you the energy. Also have a half cup of coffee .5 hr before starting.


Let me know how it went in the comments and ask if you have questions. Good luck and HAPPY LIMPING.


Ladies, “skinny” is a bad word.

jamie baird

Would you call her "skinny"? She too buff for ya?

We often hear people compliment others, usually girls, by saying, “Wow, look at you; you’re so skinny!” or something similar. While their intentions are good, hopefully they are referring to her lack of fat instead of what “skinny” really means.

The difference between skinny and fat

For technical purposes, or as technical as I can get on this here fitness forum, “skinny” refers to a lack of mass, or more specifically, lack of firm muscle.

On the other hand, when you say someone is “fat”, you’re clearly describing their excess body fat, not the excess lean muscle they have; duh. That part is easy.

So, you see, skinny is NOT the opposite of fat. Describing someone as “skinny” refers to the lack of muscle one has, and describing someone as “fat” specifically talks about body fat.

Therefore, you can be skinny AND fat at the same time; the worse way to be. This is when you have too much fat on your person, while not having enough muscle to give your body a decent shape, not to mention the functional purpose of muscles.

That’s why “losing weight” is not specific enough. You can’t just lose overall weight without considering how much fat you lost (good) and how much of that was muscle (bad). You want to keep as much muscle as you can, because as it has been said many times on here and pretty much everywhere else; muscle burns fat.

Having muscle on your body requires energy to maintain it, thus burning fat in order to keep the useful muscle you just earned. And it’s obvious that pretty much all men want to build and keep muscle, but not all women are aware that building muscle makes them loose fat. Muscle also gives the body a much better body composition and therefore, a sexy physique.

Who’s skinny, who’s fat, who’s hot?

skinny legs

skinny fat

fitness model

Picture one: Skinny legs. She does not have much fat as you can see from her firm legs and abs, but neither does she have much muscle. Not terribly bad, and great for fashion (although I don’t know why) but you can do much better. And men; what do you think, hot or not?

Picture two: Skinny fat. This is what I described earlier. Does not necessarily have a big barrel of a stomach nor does she resemble an elephant. However, her fat percentage is quite high, and her muscle is super low. She is technically obese. Sexy, isn’t she!

Picture three: Low fat, high muscle without looking like a manly buff chick. Amanda Carrier is a Maxim and fitness model. She works out. And not just by running around, which is ok for burning fat, but to get a strong, lean, sexy body like this you must hit the weights. This is meant for women since, like I said before, men already know they should hit the weights.

saggy butt

^ Sorry, but I had to post this so that you see another example of skinny fat, from a “reverse perspective”.

Saggy butt syndrome. Again, she does not have thunder thighs or a giant, space-hogging bean bag of a body, but neither does she have enough muscle—at least on her butt—to make it attractive. And some of you might give me crap about how, “We’re all different. Not everyone likes what YOU like.” or “Maybe some men like that!” Well good luck with your saggy butt and your saggy-butt loving man. Looks like you scored. I wish you well.

For the rest of you, lifting weights will give you a strong, sexy body and firm behind that will own the Vegas pool or beach next summer. Or for that matter; this winter in Mexico! F*ck cold weather!

For a firm behind:

woman squatting

Squat with heavy weight using a barbell on your shoulders so you don’t have to rely on your hands to grip such heavy weight. It should be heavy enough that you can barely get to 12. You can use heavier weight if you have a squat rack as pictured above so you can just walk up to it and put the barbell down right from your shoulders. If no rack, then use a weight that’s light enough that you can easily press it above your head when you’re done with the squats.

Press your shoulder blades together, arch your back, stick your butt out and go all the way down so your butt touches your ankles. This will give you a really good stretch in the quadriceps, hamstrings, and buttocks muscles which will get them to grow into firm sexy curves. Do a set of 12 reps, rest for 1 to 2 minutes, and repeat twice for a total of 3 sets.

Then do step-ups or lunges, again with a barbell on the shoulders. 3 sets of 12.

Squats, step-ups and lunges will not only help your lower body, but will also do tremendous good for your core/abs, help kill fat, and tone up your muscles all over your body! No one will call you “skinny”, let alone “fat”, but will most likely refer to you as “hot” or the more formal, “effing hot”.


Ladies, don’t be afraid of lifting heavy! It can only do your body good, and you can ease up if you feel you’re getting too muscular. BTW, you won’t suddenly look like a bodybuilding competitor by accident, don’t kid yourself. It would require a deliberate effort to get really lean and build a ton of muscle, especially because of the low testosterone levels in women. In fact, think about it; it’s kind of insulting to the true body building women—saying that you might get like them without really trying to.



Want to burn fat while keeping the muscle you worked so hard to build?

burn fat keep muscle with kettlebells and other plyoWant to burn fat while keeping the muscle you worked so hard to build? Here’s what you do: Throw in some plyometric, full body stuff in between your regular weight session. It’ll send blood all over your body, get your heart rate flying, and you’ll get cardio at the same time as your muscle work.

Your weight session should not be slow, calm, with huge rest periods. What, are you trying to gain mass? If you’re trying to lose body fat and obviously not lose muscle, then your weight session should be non-stop, higher reps (therefore lower weights), with back-to-back supersets of antagonistic muscles.

Did you just mouth, “What the f is he talking about?” That’s ok, I’ll explain. Working antagonistic (opposite) muscles already delivers a huge pump that’ll immediately be visible. You can combine body parts such as chest and back or quads and hamstrings.

Add some short but intense cardio in between sets and you just transformed yourself into a SUPER FAT BURNING MACHINE.

So today was ARMS day. Biceps and Triceps. 3 super drop sets. Those are better than mere super sets. I did barbell curls followed by a lighter barbell (drop set). Then immediately picked it up above my head and did tricep extensions (super set). Then I put the barbell down and went with cable triceps pushdowns.

I really dig these. But hold at the bottom and really “crunch” it for one second. And concentrate on having good form.

I varied the grips on the bicep curls from normal, to wide, to narrow. Didn’t do overhand grip. Not against them, I was just pressed for time. Usually, I do 4 super drop sets of 2 bi’s and 2 tri’s with the last set having 3 bi’s and 3 tri’s as you can see in the Arms day of my Gain 10 lbs workout.

Now, this is where the fun begins.

I did these intense cardio exercises after the supersets, sometimes between supersets, and sometimes I did two of them before continuing with the sets of weightlifting.

Burpies 2x
Mountain Climbers
Kettlebell Squat, Curl n Press (one arm, separated the squat, and didn’t hold the squat like in the link, but both ways are good) 2x
Kettlebell One-Arm Cross-Leg Clean – keeping your arm straight squat down so the kettlebell touches the opposite foot twisting your torso slightly, then swing it all the way up above your head and out to the side as you straighten your legs. 12 reps per arm 1x
Mountain Climber 2-legged Kickbacks or “Ass Kicks” (because they resemble a kicking donkey?) instead of alternating legs, kick both out, then bring both in. 1x

You can also throw in some squat jumps and high jumps. I do those often when I’m really looking for an ass kicking. : P


Make yourself look like a cobra.


Had a great workout during lunch today. Serious Back and Lats with Tricep Supersets and some Abs/Core as a topping on this bitter-sweet desert.

Have I mentioned that music makes a big difference in work out intensity? At least, to me it does. Went with my old-school iPod with wired earplugs. They sound great but I hate the wire. I have to get those Motorolla wireless, stereo earplugs like the ones I got my beautiful wife.

Took two pills of my green tea pills. Didn’t go with the dosage of three because I didn’t have anything to eat since 8:30 and I was just being safe. Haven’t received my Xtend, OR my Torrent, and I’m completely out of Whey, so I had nothing but water while working out.

Here’s what I did:

Bent over Bar Bell Rows x4
Tricep cable extensions
Skull Crushers – full hang to activate chest and lats as well

Bent over Dumbbell Rows x4 (last set was with forearm on bench for different angle)
Tricep rope extensions
Bent over Dumbbell extensions

Pulldowns 4x went heavy 6 reps + one drop of an additional 6 reps
Cable overhead rope extensions – (extending forward in front of face. feel the burn)

Levers (straight-arm pullups) 3x of around 6 reps, try to hold for a sec up there.
Immediately superset: Straight-arm Lat pulldowns on Lifeline cable machine (love the hell out of this machine)
Side, straight-arm Lat pulldowns <– bad-ass.


Hanging Leg Lifts. my favorite
Machine Crunches
3x of both, back to back like the rest of the exercises today and mostly every day!



*************** : > ***************

Chest with Supers.

Was feeling kinda slow and tired on this Monday but pushed myself to go to my daily, lunchtime gym session. Today was Chest day. Remember folks, just grab your gear and GET THERE. Once you’re there, the change in environment, the lively atmosphere, the site of the equipment, lights, fit people, not so fit people, girls, and of course weight plates will wake you the hell up! Doesn’t hurt to have some caffeine .5 hr before or some apple or grape juice (simple carbs).

Today’s workout:
Incline Bench: 25, 45×3
Super: inverted body rows

Incline DB press: x3, + lower incline x2
Super: one handed seated cable rows x3 &
Straight-arm cable extensions on Life fitness cables

High jumps x1

Wood choppers x3
Cable crunches x1

Back to back:
Cable crossovers
: high x1
Life Fitness cable press x1
Hammer incline press: x1

Squat jumps x1

Lots of free weights for the chest, but included some opposite muscle group work for balance (rows). Also, a bit of core with the choppers and crunches and some fat-burning cardio to reach my goal of 3D abs by Labor Day. : )



deltoids "rotator cuff"

Today, was Chest and Arms, with a hint of Rear Delts and Rotator Cuffs as pictured above. Have I mentioned that it’s a good idea to do some opposite sets when you’re targeting a specific body part? For example, today was Chest, but to be well balanced and not start looking all lopsided with the chest curling in, I did some light upper back and delt work. Not to mention; I don’t want a shoulder injury from too much pressing like I had before.

This is also beneficial to the targeted body part itself. Apparently, the chest will get a bigger pump and will therefore perform better when you complement it with some back work. You can easily see that on the upper arms if you’re doing my GAIN 10lbs Friday Arms workout where you follow an intense shoulder workout with super drop sets of biceps, then immediately go to triceps.

Don’t believe me? Ask Arnold. Go ahead call him.

Here’s my workout for today:









biceps bomber

I love the Bicep Bomber for really isolating the biceps. It also works great for the tri’s during press downs, both unilateral and bilateral because it makes sure your upper arms are not rotating at the shoulder. Be sure to adjust the height so your elbows are a little below the bottom edge of the Blaster, and press it to your body when curling or doing tricep-press downs.

I had a few guys ask me about it at the gym and one dude tried it, and really dug it. At $29, it’s an inexpensive new gadget to get you excited for arms day again.

THEMS Rotator Cuff Extensions are fucking-fantastic for making your rear delts explode!

deltoids "rotator cuff"

You do them enough and you’ll quickly see that little bump behind your shoulder that you hadn’t noticed before. Gives your shoulders a much more massive appearance since there’s an additional muscle taking care of the rear shoulders. Since the delts and especially the rotator cuffs are pretty fragile, be sure to use light weight, high reps. I did 12 reps each set.

ALSO, don’t forget to vary your grip on barbell curls. The additional cable curls will help you out with that, but it’s still good to do 1 set of straight barbell curls, 1 set of wide grip, and one of narrow or EZ bar.

____ SEE YA AT THE GYM _____