Get Huge Calves

There’s a new Exercise of the Week in the Premium Section of 10in30!

This week’s EOW is a fantastic way to build your lower legs. If you’re tired of doing calf raise after calf raise without seeing much results, you HAVE to do these. They will make your lower legs bigger and more powerful.

Get Huge Calves!

I’ve been doing variations of this and I even invented an exercise device for it (I just need an investor or someone to make it happen) and when I do, I really see a difference the next couple of days.

I want you to try it as you don’t need any special equipment other than normal gym or home gym stuff, and when you do, please leave your comment below.

A picture or video in the Member Forum of you doing it or the after pic would be great as well!

So to see what this “crazy” “secret” exercise the “pros don’t want you to see” < (LOL just kidding, I hate when I see that kind of bullshit ad writing on the internet) but really, to see the exercise, Go to the Premium section and then to the Exercise of the Week. Leave a comment or question there or here on this blog post.

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New Workout of the Week: The “666″ Bicep Tricep Massacre

Hello boys and girls, men, women, and everything in between! BUM here, with an announcement that we have the very first Workout of the Week (WoW)!


It is one of my favorite ways to blast the hell out of my upper arms when my usual gym routine is starting to get boring. It uses my beloved Jungle Gym and it absolutely MASSACRES my biceps and tricep. This homicide occurs because of the insane amount of drop sets (back to back sets with slightly lower resistance with no rest in between).

Then, after a brief rest period, we turn that sh!t up with a 10in30 coined workout method:
SUPER-DROP-SETS! These are even better than drop sets because they incorporate alternating opposite muscle exercises while simultaneously dropping resistance to max-out repeatedly.

HOW TO DO IT. Get a suspension trainer like my Jungle Gym and go to:

for a motivational video on how to be like Jason from Friday the 13th, and go after your biceps and triceps with RECKLESS ABANDON.


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I grew new muscles!

So, here’s my progress as of August 10, 2012. Video is for me to look back and compare.

Just had me one of thems “BIG OLE CHEST WORKOUTS” you read about in the paper.

It was heavenly and it was demonic at the same time. Got to the gym at 9:30pm, left at 11pm after 10 minutes of light cardio on the very relaxing incline bike while watching the Olympics. Life=good.

I do chest flies a bit differently from how many people do them. Many people don’t have the cut in the middle, nor the middle pec fibers unless they’re pro bodybuilders or trainers, etc. I’m talking about civilians.

Ask me how I do them!

This is my progress post in my forum. Stop by, say Hi, and join us! You can post your own pics for tracking your results!

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Leg Workout Inspiration

So, here’s my leg workout for Tuesday. Tell me how you like it, yes?

Squats: Warmup: 25 25, then 45 45 45 55 35 One minute rests at first, then two minutes for the last three sets.

Hell yeahhh! Feeling good.

[weaver_youtube percent=80]

[weaver_youtube start = 76 percent=80]

Extension+Curl Supersets! Sets of 20 x 5 sets for 100 reps total each! I did a set of 20 extensions, then 20 seated curls. Drop sets were used when going heavy and maxing out before I hit 20. I even did multiple drop sets ’til I reached 20 in the later sets. Also a 10 second breather pause. Just make it to 20 hard, max effort, all out reps then, SWITCH!


My “10 in 30 Calves Madness” Rests limited to 10 seconds, repeat 10 times for a total of 100 burning reps!

Then, seated 5 sets, then calves on compact sled machine 12×3 like in the video below.

[weaver_youtube start=37 ]




New Page Added

I have added a new Buy Gear page to make it easy to buy whatever you need that’s mentioned here, including supplements. No need to go searching on the internet or travel to a store. I’ve done the leg work so you don’t have to. That is all for now. : )

Wed Dec 23: Chesters, “Straight Arm Pullups”!

Today was a smaller workout due to time constraints. Chest day.

Incline Hammer press 4x
Straight Hammer press 3x
Both followed by pushups for maxing out.

Hanging legs lifts, knee lifts. 3x
Box crunches 2x

Calf Raises 3x
Seated Calves 3x

Did the abs and calves work in between chest exercises for efficiency. The Hanging Leg Lifts are awesome. Try lifting your legs all the way up to the bar by using your lats as well as your entire core. Your body won’t hang vertical the entire time; only until your legs reach around parallel to the floor, then your lats take over and curl your body the rest of the way up. Keep your arms straight—this aint no pullup! Eventually, you’ll be able to do what I call STRAIGHT-ARM PULLUPS.

Straight Arm Pullups are a super badass version of pullups where you concentrate on ONLY using your lats to lift yourself up, rotating at the shoulders and keeping your body and legs straight. These are fantastic for exploding your lats and giving you that insane V shape on your core. They are also useful for not injuring your biceps by overworking them. They are similar to the “Front Lever” but there seems to be much confusion as to what exactly that is. Web videos have guys holding, while others do what I call “Horizontal Pullups”, and others do some kind of bicep-only horizontal pullup thing. Do them like this guy; straight armed, lats only, straight body, repititions ’til failure. His first example, except, he calls them, “Front Pulls”. Don’t do the second ones he demonstrates; that’s entirely something else.

The gym I go to finally got some better workout music. They used to play classic rock which is NOT  the best music for working out. Great music for smoking out, or shooting up or whatever they did in those times, but it pretty much puts me to sleep! Some of it is ok but during my workouts, I want something that’s going to pump me up! So I was using my Sony wireless earplugs listening to music from my Droid phone. Worked great. But it’s still better to not have to get the phone out, go through the menus, select a track, and have to wear the earplugs. With enough sweat, they eventually slip out.