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Fast fat loss with one easy move

Summer’s here! Time to exercise outdoors. You can get a really good body weight workout at the park and you can burn a lot of fat fast while preserving lots of muscle.

The key to losing fat fast his to do HIIT cardio. That’s high intensity cardio that uses your fast twitch muscles as well as your heart. One of the best ways to do HIIT is to make your entire body fly through the air with high jumps.

If you’re not familiar with box jumps or any kind of high jump where you land on a platform, start by jumping onto the seat of the bench or another short platform that’s probably lower than your needs. Do 10 of those, rest for around a minute and then do 10 more.

If you can handle it do 20 at a time before resting for a minute. Work your way up to the point where you’re able to jump onto the table itself. Of course, the difficulty depends on your height.

The goal is to do 10 table jumps at a time. When you land on the top of the table be sure to extend your legs so that you are standing upright.

Let me see your table jumps! Record yourself doing these and post it on YouTube, then leave the link in the comments. Show off your awesomeness!


3 Simple Tricks To Get Rid Of Cellulite For Good

3 Simple Tricks To Get Rid Of Cellulite For Good

Most women have the misfortune of developing cellulite at some point in their lives. A woman’s body is genetically prone to the development of these unsightly, lumpy deposits of fat beneath the skin. Exercise alone does little to alleviate cellulite, and requires continuous dedication to maintain results. Once the exercise is discontinued, the cellulite will come right back. However, there are a few ways to go about decreasing the dimpling appearance of cellulite, which do not involve hours at the gym, expensive creams or liposuction. Here are 3 tips to get rid of cellulite that will actually work.

improve circulation1) Improve Circulation

Few people realize that cellulite is directly related to blood circulation. When cellulite is deposited as small fat pockets underneath the skin, those areas no longer receive proper blood flow. This allows for toxins to begin accumulating in the body.

Proper circulation is essential for everything from cardiovascular health to the growth of hair and fingernails. To work on improving the circulation, make sure to move every day. This is not referring to vigorous training sessions at the gym in at attempt to rid the body of cellulite, but rather good old fashioned exercise. Get the blood moving and heart pumping by adding daily walking, jogging, cycling, or any other physical activity. Deep breathing exercises are also beneficial and will get the blood flowing. Thirty minutes of vigorous cardiovascular activity three times per week is recommended for purposes of improving circulation and helping to get rid of cellulite.

Aside from working on improving circulation from the inside, you can also target areas of cellulite where you see it occurring. Rubbing, massaging, brushing, or scrubbing the cellulite can be done for a period of fifteen minutes using a skin stimulator or medium bristle brush. This combats cellulite by increasing the flow of blood to that area, and skin should appear a healthy pink color when finished. By stimulating the areas of cellulite in this manner, it allows the blood vessels on the surface to help clear any clogged or damaged tissues and allow toxins to be released, this improving the appearance of cellulite.

L-Arginine_Now_Foods2) Proper Nutrition

The second of the 3 tips to get rid of cellulite is proper nutrition, knowing what to eat and what not to eat to help reduce cellulite. Some foods we eat can actually contribute to the formation of cellulite, while others help prevent or remove it. Nutrition plays a role in how our blood forms and circulates through the body. If certain foods act to thicken the blood, this will hamper proper circulation. Therefore, it is important to includes healthy foods that naturally thin the blood and keep it flowing freely.

Important foods to include in your diet to help combat cellulite include Omega-3 fatty acids found in flax seeds and fish, and blood thinning foods such as cayenne pepper, ginger, and garlic .Foods such as nuts, oatmeal,green vegetables, and dairy products contain L-Arginine, a natural vasodilator that improves circulation. Eating these foods will help the body eliminate accumulations of cellulite.

Omega3_in_fish3) Reduce Fluid Retention

Chronic fluid retention is another factor that contributes to cellulite development. You can help reduce fluid retention and improve the appearance of cellulite by eating foods rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, and phytonutrients, high in protein, and Omega-3. Avoiding trans fats and saturated fats, sugar, and unnecessary chemical exposure or medications will help in the battle against cellulite.

If you are interested in learning more about cellulite and what you can do to get rid of it, for more information, check out cellulitefactor.com.


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How to Make a Power Breakfast Burrito!

1. Start with a fresh green pepper, red pepper, white onion and this salsa.

Green pepper, red pepper, onion

2. We’ll use low sodium turkey breast, 3 eggs per burrito, and refried beans.

3. Pam instead of oil. Spray an unheated pan for one second, then heat it up under medium heat.

4. While the pan is heating up, chop up the vegetable triad nice and chunky. Test the pan by sprinkling some water on it with your fingers. If it sizzles, it’s ready. Toss the vegetables in.

5. Raise the heat a bit and let them cook for around 3 minutes, then toss in the chopped turkey. Toss it around so it’s all mixed up. Let it cook around 3 minutes.

6. Scramble the eggs in a bowl, give your pan another one second spray, and pour the eggs in. Lower the heat back to medium and stir often.

7. Heat up another large, flat pan and when it’s ready (use the sprinkle test) place your large tortilla in it. Check it after one minute to make sure it’s not getting toasty. It should be warm, but soft so that it doesn’t crack like a tostada. Flip once.

8. Microwave around this much beans for one minute or use up another pan, but microwaving is easier.


9. Make sure the eggs and turkey are cooked well, then it’s ready to be wrapped!


10. Place the tortilla on a large plate and spread the warm, soft beans on one half of the tortilla.


11. Add your beautiful mixture.


12. Add the salsa.


13. Fold, tuck, and roll.

You may want to place it on the warm pan again while you prepare the garnishing.


14. Finish off your masterpiece with some colorful garnishings!














VIDEO: Note On My 12 Minute HIIT Workout!

You’ve seen my 12 minute HIIT daily workout, a super FAT BURNING workout that’ll make you sweat, raise your metabolism, and make you feel good all over! Well, I noticed that some people were going too light with the dumbbells for the first exercise, Pushup Rows. Yes it was a girl, but still. NOT HEAVY ENOUGH! I am disappoint! No, not really, but yes; you’ll need a heavier dumbbell, babe.

This is after I finished my own 12 Minute HIIT, a little variation if you don’t have heavy-enough dumbbells:

Description from Youtube:

Video note on my 12 Minute HIIT workout, a quick 12 minute workout that will burn fat and make you feel like a million bucks. This is a variation in case you don’t have dumbbells or dumbbells that are too light.

You can find the whole, fat-burning, ass-kicking, sweat-producing, butt-tightening workout as part of my LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS program here:

The concept of doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) first thing in the morning is that it speeds up your metabolic rate, which means that you will keep burning fat throughout the day when you’re not exercising. This is the key to losing fat quickly and surely!

You’ll be doing intervals of 30 seconds, alternating between High Intensity and Low Intensity exercises. For the Low Intensity intervals, you’ll simply run in place in a calm, let-me-catch-my-breath-so-I-don’t-die pace. Start with a Low Intensity interval.

The exercise I’m talking about here, PUSHUP ROWS, is the first high intensity exercise of six. There are six high intensity exercises preceded by low intensity exercises. You do all six, then rest a minute, and do them all over again. 30 seconds each. Use a timer.

When I say to “get the hell up fast” I’m referring to the transition between the floor exercises and the in-between run-in-place, low intensity exercises. Getting your body up off of the floor in an explosive manner is another great part of this workout. It takes a great deal of energy to get up that fast.

Pretend you’re in a fight with a meth head, you just slipped after throwing a kick and missing, and ended up on the floor. He’s about to stomp on your face. GET THE HELL UP FAST! Get it? : )

Lose 10 POUNDS of ugly, squishy, figure-disforming FAT in a MONTH with my all-free program:


That’s right, 10 pounds in 30 days.

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^ It’s how I gained 10 pounds in a month a few times in the last six years. It’s how I work out and how I diet when my goal is to go up in weight but not get all fat and blubbery.

Pack on the muscle!

Amaze your friends! Make them wonder what the hell happened and how you got all buff since the last time they saw you! I love people’s reactions when they see me after only a few weeks. It works for me, it’ll work for you too. Easy to follow, simple, logical, and only what you need to know; no BS, no overwhelming info, nothing to buy.


Incline Leg Press or Lever Hack Squat??

Lever Hack Squat:


Incline Leg Press:



Which would you rather?

Which EXERCISE, pervs! Well today I did both. 5 sets on the Incline Leg Press Machine and 5 sets on the Lever Hack Squat Machine. This “Lever” machine is different from the other Hack Squat machines in that it does not use a sled that slides up and down in a linear path.

It rotates so that it gives you a more natural movement and works your muscles differently. Remember, every little difference in your workout makes a difference in your body. Change an angle by a few inches and you’re working different muscle fibers, if not different muscles altogether. Always change things up and do different machines or exercises that seem to work the same body parts because they will hit those muscles a bit differently. This will make you more well-rounded and balanced, plus you won’t hit plateaus so easily.


Here’s the Sled Hack Machine in action:


And, then there’s always the sit-down leg press machines. Although they don’t use weight plates, they are still good machines. I use them to warm up since you can’t really add that much weight for a heavy set. Try low enough weight so that you can do 2 sets of 20 reps without reaching your maximum (failure). You’re only warming up, afterall. This Nautilus version is plate-loaded so you can go DAMN-HEAVY: