My course, EXTREME KICKBOXING WORKOUT, is a fantastic way to burn fat extremely fast while learning proper punches and kicks and having a great time!

But in order to get the most out of the workout, you must hit something instead of merely throwing air punches and kicks. In fact, you must  hit it hard!

Heavy bag gloves are very important for protecting the small bones of your hands in order to allow you to hit the bag with enough fat-burning force to knock out a rhino. Yes, the harder and more intense you go, the more fat you’ll burn. Try it, and you’ll see just how much and how fast you’ll sweat.

But before we get into gloves, let’s take a look at some heavy bags you can get right now, delivered to your home!

Here are my recommendations:

Everlast Powercore Nevatear Heavy Bag (100-Pound)
Everlast 100-Pound C3 Foam Heavy Bag I prefer you buy one of the hanging bags along with the “heavy bag hanger”. Hanging is better because there is no stand for you to worry about tripping over and you can go all out like I do.
Century Aerobic Wavemaster Pretty good if you absolutely have nowhere to hang a bag, just be very careful not to kick the stand at the bottom.
Century® Wall Mount Hvy Bag Hanger No rafters? Hang it on a wall!
Muay Thai Punching Bag 6ft 150lbs Unfilled Black Hell yeah! This one is my top pic because it is made specifically for kickboxing, meaning it is really long so you can kick low to the ankle all the way up to the noggin! It’s also really heavy, so it’ll take more force to move it around.
Everlast Wood Beam Heavy Bag Hanger  I have this. Simple.
Everlast Cardio Strike Bag (Black) This one’s pretty good. Free shipping. You fill it with water yourself.
Everlast Universal Heavy Bag Hanger Great product! Hang it from any strong horizontal bar or beam without drilling holes.
Everlast 100 lb. Heavy Bag Kit Another hanging bag, and this is a whole kit. Convenient!

And here are gloves that I recommend. The more dense, the better.

I recommend getting one of these gloves:

Everlast ProTex2 EverGel 16-Ounce Training Gloves (Large / X-Large)
Everlast Train Elite Leather Wristwrap Heavy Bag Gloves (Small/Medium)
Century® Boxing Glove With Diamond Tech? (women’s) Pink 10 oz.
Ringside Gel Shock Boxing Super Bag Gloves (Large) I recommend these the most. The newer, more advanced versions of the ones I use.
Everlast ProTex2 Training Gloves, Large/Xtra Large (Black)
Everlast Hand Wraps (Red) If you’re going to be working out often and hitting the bag really hard, you will need to wrap your hands to protect the small bones of the hands.
180″ Elastic Cotton MMA Handwraps (Pair) – Black They have a huge selection of wraps in many different colors and patterns.
Fighting Sports Tri-Tech Bag Gloves, Black/White, 16-Ounce Full leather. Top Quality.
Twins Muay Thai Boxing Plain Gloves Black 8-10-12-14-16 Oz. Expensive, but serious Muay Thai kickboxing gloves. Imported from Thailand.