It’s all about consistency.

YOU MAY BE EAGER to start your new exercise program now that the new year has begun. Maybe a little too eager. There’s a saying I keep repeating in my blog, Twitter, and everywhere:


If you work out super hard, wake up super early (earlier than you’re used to), cut your calories like if you’re some kind of prisoner in a foreign jail, and do other ungodly things, you might burn out like everyone else does with their fitness resolutions.

The key is to make it sustainable. Not saying to take it super easy either. Just make it a gradual change in your lifestyle so that no part of it is too much of a shock. If you’re already used to working out regularly, then you may be able to start off with a bang and keep it that way, but if you’re used to exercising moderately “every once in a while”, don’t suddenly start your 2hr sessions every day at 5am if you don’t normally wake up at that time. You’ll shoot yourself in the foot.

If you want to cut calories to lose 10 lbs in 30 days, I suggest you do so at the rate of 100-200 calories a day for the first week, then decrease another 100-200 the next week and so on until you get to your goal.

THE ONLY WAY to lose weight is to cut calories so that you have a deficit, meaning you’re burning more than you are consuming. You can eat less, work out more, or combine both. Either way, at the end of the day your calorie intake will be less than what you’re now having.

HOWEVER, despite the name of this site being Lose 10 lbs in 30 Days, we really are talking about losing 10 lbs of FAT. <– This is what you’re really trying to get rid of. If you simply say you want to lose 10 lbs, you are not being focused enough. You want to keep firm muscle, in fact MAKE firm muscle and get rid of soft, squishy, useless, body-warping excess fat.

Therefore, you should not run.

Ok, i may have exaggerated but it was to get your attention. You should not exclusively run. You NEED to lift weights so that you build and maintain muscle. You know why? Because having muscle on your body will help you burn fat all on it’s own. Your body burns fat in order to fuel the muscles that it’s trying to keep. That’s why a consistent program of cardio combined with weight training will be the FASTEST WAY to burn fat—specifically 10 lbs in 30 days.

“But what happens after the 30 days?” asks Biff. (Biff has a lot of questions) You do another month to lose another 10 lbs. if that’s what you want. If you are ok with your results or are getting too skinny and would rather put on muscle then switch to a muscle making workout program and maybe raise your calories a bit so that you are no longer in a deficit. You may not necessarily want an excess of calories since that will make you gain weight, so you balance it out and adjust accordingly.

“How do you know how much you’re eating in the first place??” Well, Biff, you should be eating for sustenance, not for pleasure. This will make it easy to measure how many calories you’re eating since all meals will be planned. You no longer will decide what you’re going to eat 15 minutes before you actually eat it. You should make your meals so you can control carbs, protein, and especially salt.

Healthy food can be delicious too.

And eat basic meals. Not every meal has to be the GRAND FREAKING MEAL worthy of Facebook pics, you know. Save that for the weekend when you go out on dates.

Shock? Are you out of here? Ok bye, no problem. It’s ok if you love to eat. You just have to decide what you want more:

  • all kinds of food that tastes really good but does nothing to help your body or
  • a body you can feel proud of, that is full of energy, and keeps you feeling great

Seriously, it’s your choice and both are ok with me. Maybe you’ve been living the “eat what you want so it benefits your taste buds” lifestyle for years already.

Don’t you want to give the “eat what your body needs and what will make you look hot in a bathing suit” lifestyle this year? It’s only one year. I promise you’ll like it more.

Don’t worry, you can have a cheat day once a week. You’ll look forward to it and will enjoy the heck out of it because you worked so hard to deserve it. Much better than if you do nothing to help your body, and still eat crap every single day. That does not sound appealing, does it?

Ok, I’m done. The lesson is to do one hour of exercise where you really push it every day, cut your calories by a little every week, and plan your meals. Keep it simple. Don’t make yourself leave work at a specific time every day, running out of the office, pissing off the boss, driving like a maniac for 15 miles to make it to a class. Make your life convenient and simple so you can sustain it from now on. You’ll love it and you’ll love the new you.



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