6 pack Abs, Barbell Squats, High Jumps from hell!

I’m not going to lie.

Don’t you hate it when people start off like that? Well, I’m not going to lie either. (as opposed to the other times when I made the whole damn thing up) This workout, although it didn’t have much weight lifting, killed me. I would love a nap right about now.

“So, what did you do that was so hard?” Ok, Biff, I’ll tell you— you sarcastic bastard! I am on my mission to raise my squat. So I’m adding 10 lbs every week. I’m talking about a REAL squat, with a real barbell, placed on your real shoulders, and squating so your ass lands on your ankles. That’s right—all the way down, baby! Just like 10 in 30 tells ya to! I managed to gather enough strength to do 3 sets of 6 reps with the added 10 lbs. It was really hard.

Doesn’t help that there was a hot chick behind me doing the leg press machine with what appeared to be more weight! But you know what, Biff? That doesn’t compare to a REAL squat, you innocent and confused little man. I’d like to see that chick do 6, ass-to-ankles squats with HALF the weight I used. I don’t think she’d be able to do 3. Don’t cheat yourself by only using the leg press instead of doing squats and thinking you  squat 3 plates when you’re actually squatting much less.

Here it is:

Squats: 3 sets. √
2 sets incline Hammer bench press (I noticed my shoulders and back were looking great but my pecs were lacking)

calf raises galore
^super: seated calves galore
^super: chaser of HIGH JUMPS (blast them calves by jumping as high as you possibly can, letting your knees hit your chest way up in the air!)
run outside for 17 minutes (not really any sprints. shins hurt)

Hanging Leg Raises of death. <– 4x fail
^ 2 sets

Box crunches w 25#
^super: crunches w 25# 2 sets
+ 1 set of reg crunches

Plank Madness 2x each side.


Scoop and a half of Optimum Nutrition Whey in water. And around 25 minutes later, I had lunch: 2 chicken breasts and mixed vegetable of green beens, peas, carrots, and corn. Drank a grapefruit juice for the simple carbs and vitamin C. Now I need Green Tea, and then a nap. Did I already mention I’d like a nap?