Blast them arms! {Biceps, wrist curls, triceps blaster}

Today, I did the Arms portion of Shoulder/Arms day. I refrained from shoulders because my neck muscle seems to be pulled. So, only the biceps and triceps for me today. Did the whole Superset and finished with my favorite ab exercise; Hanging Leg Raises from the Abs workout. Pretty quick workout, but the arms got a slammin!

Note: if you feel like you didn’t get much of a workout, you probably didn’t use enough weight to max out at the indicated reps. You probably could have done 10 but stopped at 6-8 and moved on to the next one which might have not been enough either. I’ll admit I sort of did that on some myself. So, after it was over, I added the forearm exercises, Wrist Curls and Reverse Wrist Curls. After 2 sets of each, I did a set of seated concentration curls with super slow return (negatives).

For bigger upper arms, be sure to use heavy enough weight so that you barely make it to 6! And then, cheat for a couple of reps using momentum. Be sure to vary your grip on the Barbell Curls as indicated in the Arms workout. Standard, Wide, Narrow. This will give width to your biceps. combine that with proper form on the triceps exercises and you’ll have bigger arms in no time. And to make sure your biceps are being properly isolated, use that BICEPS BLASTER I raved about.