Workout video. I may have chosen the wrong one.

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I wanted a workout video to pump me up for a big CHEST WORKOUT and Youtube offers me this.


triceps workout video, hot babe working out.

If you’re on an iPad, you’re missing out. But click on the image to see it on Youtube.

So now I have to sit through a whole seventeen minutes of this video of Raquel Hernandez working out her triceps.

Thanks a lot Youtube. Thank you for making me; no, FORCING ME to sit here and watch all of this video. ALL OF IT.

Alpha BRAIN by Onnit

Maybe I should write a letter to Youtube on behalf of everyone who only wanted to find a workout video that would inspire and pump them up for their workout. I mean, how did they think of offering this video when I clearly searched for a workout video that would inspire me?




This is what I searched for in Youtube: “hot women working out” wtf??



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